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Crisis Management Association
We commit to medical care at critical times
Crisis Management Association
We commit to medical care at critical times

Healthcare in the new Camp

Crisis Management Association’s mission is to support the refugee population in Greece through medical care and innovation ideas, whilst promoting integration with the local Greek community through employment opportunities and educational and academic training.

Three projects, one mission

The Greek Mission of the C.M.A includes three projects to help the refugees.
Our Projects

Greek Mission

Support the refugee population in Greece
Crisis Management Association’s mission is to support the refugee population in Greece through medical care and innovation ideas, whilst promoting integration with the local Greek community through employment opportunities and educational and academic training.
Our focus at this time is on supporting the Greek healthcare system with the medically vulnerable, chronic care and operating an emergency dental clinic inside the camp.

A mission to Help

The "Greek Mission" program hires local specialist doctors and nurses to work in a chronic care clinic inside the new camp. This provides positive economic interaction between the two communities and further supports the medical care already offered within the camp.

The Greek Mission of the C.M.A includes four large projects: The dental project, Centralisation and the Chronic Care & Vulnerability Programm. All projects are aimed at providing the refugees in Greece with the best possible medical care so that they have the chance of a healthy and long life during and after this period.

Dental Project

A smile for those who need it most
The C.M.A's dental project provides dental care free of charge to any refugee in need from Monday to Friday. We are working with a fully equipped dental clinic inside the new temporary camp built after the 9th of September fires.
The clinic is staffed by fully licensed and qualified international volunteer dentists and our on the ground translator team and trained dental assistants.

Why Dental Care?

The dental project was created due to the serious need for emergency dental treatment for the refugees of Lesvos. Currently there is a health crisis and further degradation of quality of life for many of those living inside the camps, due to the lack of dental care.

We are currently accepting volunteer applications for dentists and dental assistants. For those unable to join us on the ground you can still support the project by making a donation towards the running costs of the clinic. We are also open to partnerships with other organisations and institutions.
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Medical screen & supply for the entire camp
The Crisis Management Association is setting up a "Centralisation"-system to efficiently provide medical screening and medicines to the entire refugee camp. We are collaborating with other strong partners to build a monitored & comprehensive system of medication prescriptions in the camp.
The "Medical Reception Area" is the first point of contact for refugees in the camp who need medical assistance. Here they are first tested for Covid-19 and, if necessary, quarantined for further treatment.
If they test negative for Covid, they are consulted by another doctor to discuss the medical problems and work out a treatment plan. The patient will then receive a ticket to the treatment room that is appropriate and specialized for his/her problem.
In this way, wrong, too many or double prescriptions of medicines will be avoided, which will help all residents and refugees. The valuable medicines will not be wasted, patients will be protected from overdoses and it will be ensured that all medicines prescribed are legal in Greece.

Who takes Care?

The team of the Central Pharmacy consists of many different helpers: It is a wonderful mix of Greek pharmacists, international volunteers and translators - including refugee volunteers.

Through this heterogeneous team and the collaboration with other Greek offices and officials, we at C.M.A. manage to make the complex and vital field of dispensing medicines in this place safe, comprehensible and fair.

If you think that you can help and support us, we would be very happy if you get in contact with us - either as a donor or as a volunteer on site.
I do care

Various Teams
one Goal

While the "Medical Reception Area" is a project of the Crisis Management Association, it is only made possible through collaboration with our partners.

The C.M.A is the lead actor and coordinatesit in the "Medical Reception Area". The translation is provided by Eudaimonia Medical Services, the primary care is held by Medical Volunteers International, the chronic care by C.M.A, the skin- and scabieshelp by Kitrinos Healthcare.

The Chronic and
Vulnerability Program

Help for medically vulnerable patients

The Chronic and Vulnerability Program is a health program from Crisis Management Association in a partnership with the EODY (national public health organisation of Greece). The program calls for unity between international NGO’s, academic institutions and the local healthcare systems.
The Chronic and Vulnerability Program started the new operation based on the new temporary emergency camp that has been set up after the fire in RIC Moria on September 9, 2020. This new camp has a lot of needs, a sustainable health care system will have to be created and implemented.

Help without Borders

As a local non profit organisation, C.M.A has a formal partnership with the public Health authorities of Greece to be able to support them with the establishment of a sustainable health care system in the new camp.

The Chronic and Vulnerability Program works to identify medically vulnerable refugees as quickly as possible and support them in getting their vulnerability recognised by camp management. The project works with Greek doctors to identify vulnerable refugees upon their arrival to the camp or through referrals from other medical actors. Once identified the patients can receive care in the chronic clinics whilst we link them with the EODY, RIC transfer office, the vulnerability committee or UNHCR’s vulnerability relocation program.

In addition to helping ensuring that chronic vulnerable patients are leaving the camp and their numbers are reducing, C.M.A is hiring qualified Greek specialists to provide chronic health care to the refugees in the camp. These doctors will work in improving the relation between this department and the local hospital, along with supporting EODY’s decision to re-build the chronic department.

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