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Crisis Management Association
We commit to medical care at critical times
Crisis Management Association
We commit to medical care at critical times

What we do at C.M.A.

The Crisis Management Association is setting up a "Centralisation" system to efficiently provide medical screening and medicines to the entire refugee camp. We are collaborating with other strong partners to build a monitored & comprehensive system of medication prescriptions in the camp.

Why Centraliztation
is Important

By centralization excessivent or double prescriptions of medicines will be avoided, which will help all residents and refugees. The valuable medicines will not be wasted, patients will be protected from overdoses and it will be ensured that all medicines prescribed are legal in Greece.

The "Medical Reception Area" is the first point of contact for refugees in the camp who need medical assistance. Here they are first tested for Covid-19 and, if necessary, quarantined for further treatment.

If they test negative for Covid, they are consulted by another doctor to discuss the medical problems and work out a treatment plan. The patient will then receive a ticket to the treatment room that is appropriate and specialized for his/her problem.


The team of the Central Pharmacy consists of many different helpers: It is a wonderful mix of Greek pharmacists, international volunteers and translators - including refugee team members. Through this heterogeneous team and the collaboration with other Greek offices and officials, we at C.M.A. manage to make the complex and vital field of dispensing medicines in this place safe, comprehensible and fair.

While the "Medical Reception Area" is a project of the Crisis Management Association, it is only made possible through collaboration with our partners. The C.M.A is the lead actor and coordinates it in the "Medical Reception Area". The translation is provided by Eudaimonia Medical Services, the primary care is held by Medical Volunteers International, the chronic care by C.M.A, the skin- and scabies help by Kitrinos Healthcare.

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