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On our way to CAR Dentist Office

2011 Donate A Smile
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Three Strands
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What is 'Donate A Smile'?
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Welcome to Donate A Smile : Dental Help for the Poor

Welcome to Our New Site

Thanks for visiting the Donate A Smile website!

We exist because dentistry is invisible. When your teeth don't hurt, you don't think about them, and when they do, you can't think about anything else! Sadly, that's the situation for millions of poor persons locally and around the world, but there are no dentists where they live, so suffering is their constant companion.

We bring dental care and education to remote areas like Sibut, a city in Central Africa where hundreds of children like these were SO excited to be given a toothbrush and a rinsing cup.

We've got the will, the skills, and the drills, but we need your help! Dental equipment and supplies are VERY expensive, to say nothing of the travel! Browse our website for photos and information about who we are and projects we're working on, then just click the secure link to support our mission and you'll be well on your way to making a person's life better! CAUTION: Some photos are graphic. They are included to help viewers appreciate the magnitude of the suffering we routinely see.

Check in frequently for news updates and photos about how your gifts are being used to relieve suffering and improve people's lives!